Boston Fashion in Spring

Spring is slowly arriving and the newest fashion trends are currently hitting the runway. Despite a little chilly weather this winter, spring is in the air and begging for us to get out of those bulky clothes and into something a little more revealing letting us show off our beautiful skin.

Boston has had some cold tempertures these past few months but with any luck the weather will start to warm up and all the Bostonians will be able to show off their fashion statements. One of the biggest spring fashion trends this season is denim. Denim is a great fabric because even if the weather is on the cooler side denim keeps you warm. Denim can be worn as jeans, shorts, jackets, dresses, etc. Denim is also flattering on many body types giving women more confidence when they wear their favorite denim item. It seems as the 70’s fashion era has become popular again resulting in flared denim jeans coming back, along with plenty of boho style items and clothes with plenty of color.

Another fashion trend that is increasing in popularity is the midriff. The current style of midriff is longer than previous styles and offers a more classy and elegant look. The midriff looks great with jeans, skirts or even high waisted shorts. Midriffs come in a wide range of styles so choose the style that looks best on you and your body type.

The last trend I will discuss is gingham fabric. This fabric can be used for dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes or even purses. The fabric is lightweight and comfortable while providing a great fashion statement. Gingham can be dressed up or down and looks great with colorful accessories.

There are many ways to stay fashionable this spring, but the most important thing is to stay comfortable and dress according to the weather. When looking for ideas for a great spring wardrobe check out spring fashion shows online to point you in the right direction.